Domestic Life

We are mostly anchoring with only the occasional stop in a marina.

This makes some aspects of day to day living slightly harder.


The current system is:

  • Dive off the back of the boat to get wet.
  • Stand on the back of the boat and wash with a flannel or shower flower.
  • Dive in again to rinse off.
  • Fresh water rinse with either the solar shower or the extending hose from heads(boat name for the bathroom/toilet) out the hatch.

This works really well. Minimizes water use and you feel properly clean afterwards.

Its not so good now its got later in the year and the water is a bit colder.

Normally needs 20 minutes of psyching yourself up to dive in.

We could theoretically use the shower inside in the heads but this would use too much fresh water and introduce too much moisture inside of the boat.

Post Wash Rinse
Post Wash Rinse

Clothes Washing

We don’t have washing machine on board.
Mostly we’ve just done washing when stopped at a marina lasting in between. We also walked round Camarinas with all our washing as 2 of the Google maps marked laundry’s were permanently closed down and the 3rd turned out to be a dry cleaners, and was also shut for the day.
We’ve also done a hand wash (well Mel did). since we have limited water on board this is a cold wash then rinse in salt water with a final fresh water rinse. All done in a large bucket.

We have net to experiment with towing non valuable clothes behind the boat as we sail which we have yet to try. And a large bucket with a lid that we could fill with water soap and washing then tie to the rail as we sail when its rough to create a shaking washing machine effect.
Both of these would still need a fresh water rinse. Just need to exactly predict a short rain squall.

Clothes drying on the boat

Washing Day
Washing Day

Clothes drying in the boat when it starts raining before everything is dry

Washing day when it starts to rain
Washing day when it starts to rain

Update: We now wash by hand regularly when we have a good supply of fresh water leaving to soak overnight before hand.