The batteries that came with the boat were:

House bank: 2 x 110Ahr              Starter: 1 x 110Ahr

One of the house bank batteries died (started sulphurating and then wouldn’t hold charge) while on our shore power charger. This forced us to think about the batteries.

We have left the starter battery as it is as this seems pretty good. For the house bank we now have 4 x Trojan T-105 6V 220Ahr batteries.So we now have 440Ahr capacity (double what we did have). We have built a new battery box to house the extra 2 batteries.

We also solved the problem of how to connect everything to them.

Home made battery terminal extensions
Home made battery terminal extensions

6mm x 25mm copper bar drilled and tapped with M8 brass bolts for terminals.

We need these because we have the following directly connected to our batteries:

  • 1 both 2 switch (that feeds everything else)
  • Split charge relay & sensing cables
  • Shore power charger & sensing cables
  • Solar panel Mppt’s x 2 & sensing cables
  • Alternator & sensing cables for smart regulator
  • Battery Monitor sensing cables
  • Windlass

Nothing that we think shouldn’t be but enough not to fit onto a single short M8 stud.









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