Nearly off

We are starting from Torquay on the south coast of England. We are setting of in January. Not quite when we intended to start but the fact that we are setting off about 6 months later than planned isn’t going to stop us now.

First destination is a hop across the Channel to Roscoff. This will be a shakedown of sorts for all the work we’ve been doing on the boat getting her ready to go. We’ve sailed there before in our old boat so there shouldn’t be anything to unexpected and it’s only a short crossing so we can pick a nice weather window.

We had set before Christmas as our deadline and to train down through France for Christmas with Mel’s family but late booking train prices made us give up on that idea and an excuse to delay. Glad we did the week before Christmas which would have been our window to sail had massive waves coming hitting the UK coast as well as a gale and at best a headwind the whole way across.

We now just have a few little bits to do and we should be off. We’ve been telling everyone January, but then we told everyone (including ourselves) October as well.


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